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We want to take strolling everywhere: Stockholm, Kampala, Brooklyn, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Paris, Lagos, Accra, Moscow, Sydney, Addis Ababa, Dubai, Beijing, Miami, Kingston, Castries  - everywhere.

We want to give a voice to ordinary people of the diaspora. If you want to support us in making this a reality, please donate:

Strolling: Connecting the scattered stories of the global African/Black Diaspora.

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I’m a bit of a smoothie fanatic, so when it came time to celebrate 50k tumblr followers, my answer was obvious: a free smoothie e-book! I filled this free book with 22 delicious, healthy recipes, each with a picture, allergen info (gluten, nuts, soy, etc), and nutrition info. I also included ways to customize most of the recipes with other ingredients that would taste great!

Get your free copy by going here (my new site!) and e-mail subscribing and I will personally send you the book!

ps- featured here on the cover is my favorite smoothie: macha magic with macha green tea, banana, soymilk & spinach!

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